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His Name is Wonderful

The LORD sent Isaiah with a message of repentance and a reminder that God would keep His promises. And the big promise was that the Messiah would still descend from David to defeat the serpent and establish a better kingdom. Isaiah 7:14 is the start of this section and in culminates here with the fourfold double description of the Messiah to be born of the virgin. We have reason to celebrate!

Isaiah 7:14 and 9:6-7

Taught Sunday morning, December 12, 2021 by Brad D Harris
(my apologies for breaking out in song midway through)

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Favor with God

It is easy to consider the Christian religion to be a series of “do’s” and “do not’s” but that is inaccurate.  Rather, Christianity is an emphatic “done” in Christ for Jesus proclaimed from the cross, “It is finished!”  And these messages are no different.  We take the time to hear from God how Christ gave us favor with God, when we needed it most.
Christ increased in favor with God on our behalf.

Luke 2:52 and Isaiah 52:13-15 and Isaiah 53:1-12

Preached Sunday morning, January 26, 2020 by Brad D Harris