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Christ seated at the Right Hand

Christ rose from the dead, conquering the grave!  He proved His victory to His disciples with undeniable proofs over the course of forty days.   Then He bodily ascended into heaven while the disciples watched in awe.  The Ascension to the right hand of the Father is a vital part of His victory.   Let’s understand more why this is important.

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Acts 2:32 – 36

Preached Sunday morning, April 28, 2019 by Pastor Brad D. Harris

Christ Suffered for us

In this Easter morning message, we focused on the importance of the anguish and suffering our Savior endured even before the agony of the cross had begun.  For in His seeming weakness, He accomplished so much.

This Easter Sunday was another full Sunday in which I hate to say, but you had to be there to appreciate God’s presence that morning.  I am so thankful for the diligence of our people for a wonderful outdoor service at 8:30, breakfast fellowship, and then well-done music in the 11am worship service.  Click on our Facebook link to see pics from the last couple Sundays and more!

Matthew 26:36-46

Preached Sunday morning, April 21, 2019 by Pastor Brad D. Harris

A Most Important Question

How you answer that question is revealed by your life.  God looks on the heart for your answer and all of eternity is at stake.  Who do you say that He is?

This Palm Sunday was a full Sunday for us and a smaller portion than normal of the service made it in the audio.  The microphone on my pocket didn’t pick up the great singing from the Eubanks family, much less of the egg hunts, pancake breakfast, and sweet fellowship and small groups.   Click here to find out more about our friends, the Eubanks.  Click on our Facebook link to see pics from Palm Sunday and more!

Matthew 16:13-16

Preached Sunday morning, April 14, 2019 by Pastor Brad D. Harris

When the answer is silence…

A desperate woman asks but does not receive her request, even after asking repeated times.  Yet the trying of her faith reveals a greater persistence and trust than what would have been revealed with an immediate answer.  “Great is your faith,” the Master replies to a woman who would not give up.  Would you?

Matthew 15:21-28

Preached Sunday morning, April 7, 2019 by Pastor Brad D. Harris