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Foremost Love

We begin a series from Revelation to hear from the eternal God His message to His churches through the messages given to seven churches in the Roman province of Asia.  Churches are not buildings but people – people who have His Holy Spirit within them, bonded together by His Spirit.  Thus we each profit from responding rightly to His Word in order for His church to profit from responding rightly to His Word.
This is the first in a multi-part sermon series on church revitalization

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Revelation 2:1-7

Preached Sunday morning, November 3, 2019 by Brad D Harris

Children of God – Lavished with Love

As the song says, to be fully known and fully loved is a gift only God can give.  When we are born again, the LORD also adopts us as His sons and His daughters, to be lavished with unconditional love – a love we did not deserve nor need to try to deserve.  It is ours by unmerited grace.  And as we contemplate that love and grace, especially as embodied in Jesus Christ, we are being transformed into that same image in preparation for that day of completion when we see Him as He is.

1 John 3:1-3

Preached Sunday morning, September 22, 2019 by Brad D Harris

Love the Lord who loved you first

The world can mean different things depending on how it is being used by the writer.  But John and the other apostles saw a “worldly” lifestyle that was inherently ungodly as it ignored God and eternity in order to live for today only.  Jesus had warned them against the dangerous myopia of forgetting what is infinitely important in order to play at what is temporarily in fashion.
Love the Lord who loved you and died in your place even before you knew or loved Him.

1 John 2:15-17

Preached Sunday morning, September 15, 2019 by Brad D Harris

Word to the young, strong, and matured

John gives us his reasons for writing this letter to these believers with the mind to instruct and exhort these three groups.   His goal is that the children in the faith will grow stronger and be used by God to make more children in the faith.  That all would grow to maturity in Christ.  We want that for each of us as well.

1 John 2:12-14

Preached Sunday morning, August 25, 2019 by Brad D Harris

Fellowship through Forgiveness

John had walked and talked with Jesus for many years, both physically and spiritually after the ascension.  So he knew something about fellowship with the Living God.  And although John was an apostle, he also had experienced how sin troubles the fellowship between people and the Holy God.  So John points us to experience the grace of God.

1 John 1:5 – 2:2

Preached Sunday morning, August 11, 2019 by Pastor Brad Harris

Lazarus – you will rise!

Christ is our High Priest. But this is not a passive role for the Lord.  This Priest is also our Warrior-King.  And the Warrior-King is putting Death on notice that the Resurrection and the Life has power over death and the grave.  Jesus reveals the power and the glory of God.

John 11:38-44.

Preached Sunday morning, November 11, 2018 by Pastor Brad D. Harris

We thank our veterans for their sacrifices to give us life and liberty beyond what we deserve.

Mary – will you love Him?

Jesus loved Martha, Mary, and Lazarus.  But doesn’t He love everyone?  This family enjoyed a closeness with Immanuel that few others enjoyed.  Even as He allows them to walk through the valley of the shadow of death, He still cares for them, deeply.  But will you still love Him?
John 11:28-36.
Preached Sunday morning, November 4, 2018 by Pastor Brad D. Harris

Martha – will you believe?


Christ our High Priest ministers to us even in our darkest days.  As Martha struggled in the loss of her brother, Jesus nurtured her faith to remember what she already knew.  When the pain is great, will you still believe?
John 11:17-27.
Preached Sunday morning, October 28, 2018 by Pastor Brad D. Harris

Disciple – will you follow?

Jesus is our High Priest who draws our faith closer to Him.  Thomas was willing to go with him to die with him.  But when the test comes, will you follow Jesus beyond our comfort zone?
John 11:1-16.
Preached Sunday morning, October 21, 2018 by Pastor Brad D. Harris